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Summer Crush!

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Have you ever had a summer crush? I'll be the first to admit that I have a summer crush on this  beautiful Maxi dress from ReMixed Boutique. Before heading out to a friends intimate summer wedding, I decided to take a few pictures of me and my "summer crush". This dress is a fashionista must have that can be ReMixed all summer long! On this joyous occasion I decided to ReMix  my on piece ensemble with simple accessories. For an added splash of FAB I paired one of my favorite Kua Clutch bags to my look. I love how the authentic Ghanaian fabric compliments my summer crush. To complete the look I added a chunky gold spiral bracelet, diamond stud earrings and a pair of chunky heel sandals for added height. 

ReMixed Tip: Be ye always comfortable! The summer heat is upon us and during this time of year people tend to wear less clothing. Be sure that whatever you decide to wear comfortably compliments your body type. I tend to take advantage of Maxi dress during the summer. Not only are Maxi dresses fun and fabulous however, they are comfortable and cool. In addition, Maxi dresses tend to compliment any body type, depending on the style and cut of the dress. Also, If you happen to be height challenged like myself, a comfortable pair of wedge or chunky heel sandals will help to bring height to your Maxi dress. Be sure to check out the "Summer Crush" Maxi dress as well as the other fun summer pieces by clicking the shop tab above. As always, I want to see your ReMixed looks, so please share your looks with me on social media @remixedboutique FB, IG and Pintrest.  If you have any questions or need help ReMixing your wardrobe for the summer, please reach out to me by completing the form found in the contact tab. I'm happy to serve you and all of your wardrobe needs.

Be inspired,