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"If you obey all of the rules, you miss all the fun." ~ Katharine Hepburn.

Hello ReMixers!  A few days ago I had a spicy discussion with a friend regarding the rule that my granny still follows, with the exception of the first Sunday of each month, No White After Labor Day! Personally, I don't follow the rules, I tend to make my own. As I headed out for an evening meeting with a longtime client, a week after Labor Day, I decided to ReMix my white Ann Taylor wide leg jeans, along with my casual coral swing tank from H&M. I accessorized my look with metallic hanging earrings from BCBG, a gold threaded necklace, stacked gold bracelets and a thin gold three-finger ring from ReMixed Boutique. To complete the casual look I ReMixed my gold mesh BCBG clutch and clear pumps/sandals with gold trim from BCBG. There you have it, I broke the rules and I had fun!

ReMixed Tip: Omitting white attire after Labor Day is not a rule that I follow. When ReMixing whites into my wardrobe after Labor Day, I tend to do so by being mindful of the color choices that I pair with my ensemble. If you're ready to take a risk and break rules but not sure how to do so, I am here to help. As an image consultant, personal stylist and personal shopper, I am here to serve you and all of your wardrobe needs. Please feel free to contact me by completing the form on the contact page of this site. Also follow me on social media @remixedboutique. Don't forget to tag me on your fashion inspirations and ReMixed outfits! If you feel like showing up to Thanksgiving dinner dressed in all white, it's your world and you're the boss! 

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Keep a clear vision.

Live in the moment.

Explore the possibilities.

No regrets. No guilt. No shame.

Share your love.

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Don't let life pass you by.

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