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April Showers Bring May Flowers

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"Where there are flowers, there's the sun and the rain." ~ MAZE

I recall going through one of life's rough seasons. I was laid off from my job, I exhausted my severance package and savings account. Not to mention that my unemployment benefits were not sufficient enough to pay rent. I was a young mother, raising a kid on my own, with the help of God.

During that time of testing, I recall a conversation that I had with the mother of a close friend. After pouring out my frustrations and fears, the response that I received from this woman of faith was something that I will never forget. "You should feel honored that God chose you. God knows that you won't keep this a secret. When this is over, you'll have another amazing testimony that will help someone else. Continue to trust God." Honestly, her response was not what I wanted to hear. I was facing an eviction; my car was on the verge of repossession and my electricity was about to be disconnected.

Through it all, I continued to declare Gods promises. In turn, I gained an unexplainable peace. Although my situation did not suddenly change my perspective changed. There are innumerable details to this story that I want to share. God showed up in so many ways as only He can. I can truly testify to the fact that I'm a recipient to Gods miracles, signs and wonders.

My friends' mother was right, I'm so grateful that God chose me. Be encouraged, no matter how bad things may seem. Just know that God is always working behind the scenes. Remain faithful and remember that every seed needs water in order to grow.

Be Inspired,